Frequently Asked Questions


Note: This FAQ is applicable for the course held at Camp Geiger – Pony Express Council

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Where will I be sleeping?
On the first weekend you will be staying in canvas tents set up for you. On the second weekend you will be sleeping in tents that you will bring. In the event of sever weather, facilities will be made available to reduce discomfort to the participants as much as possible.

What about meals?
Cooking on the first weekend will be done by Wood Badge staff.  On the second weekend, your patrol will be preparing backpacking type food that your patrol has planned.

What if I need a special diet?
We will attempt to assist with any special dietary needs if we are informed of such needs. Please note your needs on the Personal Resource Questionnaire you will provide to the Course Director.

Are there any medical requirements for the course?
There are NO medical limitations that will prevent you from participating in the course, however a class-III BSA medical form is required for us to have complete information.


What uniform do I need to wear during the course?
Uniform during the course shall either be a full BSA field uniform for your position in Scouting, OR an activity uniform that will consist of a course shirt that you will be issued upon arrival for the course, and official Scout pants, belt and socks.  More information on uniforming will be provided by the Course Director.

What will the weather be like?
The Course Director of every Wood Badge course is instructed to order good weather for his/her course!!

However, as Missouri weather can be unpredictable, participants should be prepared for cold and/or wet weather and you are encouraged to bring whatever clothing, raingear and camping equipment you may need to stay warm and dry."

How do I sign up?
You need to submit your interest to the Course Director and you will receive an invitation to attend the course that will include instructions on additional requirements.