Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2016...

Washburn Merit Badge University 2016

Washburn Merit Badge Challenge 2016
February 6th Topeka, Kansas
February 6th was to be a day full of Scouting Activity. It began early am at the Church where 21 loaded in vehicles before dawn to head to Topeka. The ride there was soothing and many slept as it was predawn and the ride conducive.
Arrival to Washburn, a university in Topeka, was right on time. We gathered into one large group the boys eagerly awaiting a full day of fun and learning with a multitude of different subjects, everything from Weather to Finger printing. Each class was called, dividing up and dispersing 21 in many directions. That left the accompanying adults the day to do as they may. With spirits of fun and adventure we explored the University campus. 
The benefactor of the university was a man named Ichabod, (Think of the old man in the game of Monopoly. Yes, with top hat and tails.) A curious mascot for a college, but nevertheless they are known as Ichabods, and Ichabod was every where! Ichabod bronzes and Ichabod on phone cases and stuffed Ichabod and endless Ichabod paraphernalia. A bit bizarre! Foreshadowing here for the bizarre yet to come.
Lunch break brought the adults and boys back together. We broke 'bread'sticks together sharing a meal of pasta and salad and some laughs. Everyone was in good spirits. 
After the meal it was time for the boys to go to their next class or for those whom had an all day class to return. 
The adults headed to the art gallery where often art is considered abstract but this exhibit was off the charts. You know how I mentioned Bizarre before? Road kill on canvas? Mini ketchup bottles in guns? and  Animals in a pearl necklace? These were just some of the odd exhibits! They were as shocking as some of the specimens in a bottle in the biology section that we later saw. We all left shaking our heads trying to interpret.
After exploring some more on our own we lastly took part in a formal class spending time, shoes off in solidarity with our teacher, listening and learning how to Tread lightly upon our Earth. A few photo opps with a prop...assume the position...that I'll leave for you to discover if you take the class! Somethings you have to experience for yourself! 
Soon the day was nearing an end and the boys finished their classes earning their badges.  We posed for group photos with Ichabod as we left and then got back on the road to head to the next Scouting event to follow immediately upon our return, the Troop 21 Church Lock-in.  Stay tuned! 



Gracia Pinzino

Troop Committee