Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2016...

Klondike 2016 at Geiger

What would you do for a Klondike...
If you can finish that jingle you'll later understand the reference. 
On Friday, January 29th Troop 21 gathered at Wyatt Park to load gear and prep for the Klondike campout at Camp Geiger. 
Once at Geiger the Troop joined other Troops in choosing their camp site and setting up. Since it was already around 7pm an easy dinner of Mac and cheese and hot dogs was started while others built a fire. Dinner was enjoyed fireside and everyone was relieved it wasn't bitter cold, though it was the end of January. 
Mr. Jeremy, Ms. Gracia and the SPL Justin attended a meeting while the rest of the Troop stayed at camp. After clean up and a little more time around the fire most of the Troop retired to their tents and were sleeping by 11pm in preparation for the next day's competition. 
Rise and shine to a beautiful Missouri sunrise! I've been all over the world and one thing I've always maintained, Missouri has some of the most exceptional sunrises and sunsets! Take pause and notice; Cast your eyes once daily to the east and to the west!!! 
Troop 21 had breakfast of omelets in a bag(Words of wisdom while making them hold on tightly to those things! They're slippery!) and enjoyed the hot chocolate from the sponsoring troop's tent as the temperature had dropped in the night. 
Heed my warning from personal experience, if you do Not want to end up like a frozen Klondike ice cream bar, your tent frost covered like the inside of a freezer, make sure your tent has adequate air circulation! I woke to the sides of my tent being frost covered because the moisture in my breath (I breathe deeply when camping, inhaling the outdoors and air as much as I can deep down within) got trapped inside my tent as I didn't have enough circulation. Not enough air flow and it condenses and freezes making your tent freezing cold!! 
After breakfast all the boys gathered by 9am to start the competition. The adults decided to gather fire wood and hang back to let the boys make what they would of themselves as a troop and of the day. 
Let the games begin! Off the boys went with the sled! After the first several competitions it was time to break. A long lunch in-between competitions gave time for 21 to prep stew. As part of the competition judges were sent around to taste test the prepared lunch.  With just a standard stew, that serves to keep one warm in the cold, 21 didn't win the category, but the boys enjoyed it all the same. Back to competition and despite some difficulty 21 still won 2 of the events. 
Troop 21 won in Tomahawk Throwing and the Sled Race. There was also a Great snow shoe race, Bridge building/ice rescue, First aid, Fire building, and Shelter building. 
Troop 21 will take the victories and also take what was learned and apply it to the next event and to Klondike 2017! 

Ms. Gracia Pinzino

Troop Committee