Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO
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Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Posted on Tuesday, July 15, 2014...

"Best of Show" Camp Geiger 2014 - 3rd Session

Camp Geiger, St. Joseph, MO - Another successful summer camp wraps up for the scouts and leaders of Troop 21.  With mild weather, lots of advancement work, and awards galore, Troop 21 put their best foot forward for another successful Boy Scout summer camping experience.

Tons of merit badges earned, three rank advancements, and various individual and unit awards.

Rank Advancements:

D. Potts - Scout

R. Burgess - Tenderfoot

T. Henderson - Tenderfoot

Troop 21 had 14 scouts complete the BSA Mile Swim.

ASM Justin Perry was awarded the Key to Geiger and selected as a Very Important Tribesman (VIT)

ASM Justin Perry and SM Tonie Jones earned the Scoutmaster Merit Badge.

SPL R. Wilkerson was selected as a Very Important Tribesman.

J. Justus won the best pottery piece.

S. Perry won the best climber award.

ASM Adam Gage won the Adult High Jump at the Geiger 60.

SM Tonie Jones won the Adult 40 yrd dash and standing long jump at the Geiger 60.

A. Perry, C. Flint, and J. Justus became new Braves in the Tribe of Micosay

S. Perry, R. Sisk, T. Duin, R. Faris, and D. Heineman advanced to Warrior in the Tribe of Micosay

R. Wilkerson advanced to Firebuilder in the Tribe of Micosay

J. Jones advanced to Tom Tom Beater in the Tribe of Micosay

Adam Gage advanced to Runner in the Tribe of Micosay

Unit Awards for 3rd Session:

For the best Boy Scout Troop in campsite inspections (Clean Sweep Award) - TROOP 21

For the best Boy Scout Troop unit in daily uniform inspections (Sharpest Unit Award) - TROOP 21

For the best Boy Scout Troop in overall scout spirit (Commissioners Geiger Spirit Stick) - TROOP 21

Another successful camping session wraps up and the troop looks forward to continued adventures at our regular monthly campouts and outings.  Congratulations on a job well done!


Tonie Jones


Troop 21




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