Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Posted on Tuesday, June 10, 2014...

Personal Gear for Camp Gieger

Troop 21

 Personal Gear to Bring to Camp Geiger

 Scout Uniform (Full Class A uniform, neckerchief, neckerchief slide, scout belt, OD (Olive Drab) green shorts or pants, OD Green socks or scout socks, Troop 21 Class "B" T-Shirt, Troop 21 Hat.


Medical exam, completed and signed by an MD, DO, NP or PA. Parts A, B, and C

5-7 pairs of socks

Sweater, sweatshirt or jacket

Swim trunks

Raincoat or poncho

Extra underwear and T-shirts for a full week

Hiking and/or gym shoes - Closed toes shoes (Decent Condition)

Bath towel and soap and shampoo

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Comb or brush

Sleeping bag or sheet/blanket and pillow

Mattress/sleeping pad or personal cot

Flashlight or headlamp and  Extra batteries

Pair of Jeans or long pants

Mosquito/Bug repellent

Hat or cap

Boy Scout Handbook &  Individual program needs

Spending money for program and Trading Post

Canteen or water bottle

Sun Screen

Foot Locker w/ lock.

Clothes Hanger (at least one)

Small Daypack (bookbag with shoulder straps)

Mic-O-Say items (For Tribesman re: Advancement)


Optional Scout Equipment

Bible or book of one's faith

Musical instrument

Sewing kit

Camera and film

Pocket knife (no fixed blade or sheath knives at Geiger)

Laundry soap

Sunglasses /  Shower Shoes / Flip Flops

Mosquito netting

Stationery, pens, pencils

Swim Goggles

Baby powder, talcum powder, gold bond powder




For new scouts going to camp the above list is what you will need to bring to camp.


Ensure that your scout has a full uniform for camp.  If you do not have items, talk to one of the experienced leaders about items and suggestions if you do not have them already.


We use foot lockers at camp.  If you have a foot locker already great.  If not, they can be found at Walmart in the automotive section and are a "trunk organizer" or something like that.  Basically black plastic footlocker.  Everything will be inside this locker and your scout will need a lock with keys.  Extra key can be given to a leader in case your scout looses his. Cost less that $20.


Scouts will need a few dollars for program needs if they are taking craft merit badges or shooting sports, etc. Plus all scouts enjoy buying slushies and snacks at the trading post.  We encourage all scouts to bring some spending money to camp for this.  Some bring $10 and some bring $50.  Its all up to you.  All money is kept in their locked foot lockers until they need it.


Electronic devices.  No handheld game devices, music devices, phones, etc. are permitted during the day unless with permission from a Troop leader.  This distracts from the camp experience.  Scouts may call their parents in the evening with permission.  Sometimes new scouts get homesick.  This is normal!  Please don't come pick up your scout even if he is homesick.  They WILL get over it and its an important process for them to overcome this.  If you have questions about this, let me know.


All medications are kept with the troop leader for distribution in a locked box unless it has to be refrigerated, those are kept at the health lodge.  Ensure that you bring the necessary medications for your scout.  


In Troop 21, ALL scouts and leaders take a shower at least once a day.  This means we often awake at 6am.  Some showers are single and others are group showers.  Youth only showers and Adult only showers.  Shower and restroom facilities are separate as per BSA Youth Protection.  That being said, some scouts are uncomfortable with group showers.  No problem, they can wear their swim trucks in the shower,  many scouts do this if not most. 


Wednesday night of camp is Family Night.  Scouts often have their parents bring them their favorite dinner that night.  Its a fun time when parents can visit their scouts, eat dinner with them and the troop, and attend the evening campfire program.  If you have a cushion to sit on during the campfire, bring it, or a thick towel.  The council ring seats are made of limestone and can get hard on the rear end after a while.


Camp starts on a Sunday morning and ends around noon the following Sunday.  A full week.  We look forward to a great session at camp and one of the best times for building lasting memories your scouts will have in scouting.  Any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Tonie Jones


Troop 21