Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO
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Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Posted on Wednesday, April 30, 2014...

Troop 21 Mushroom Madness

Oskaloosa, KS - Ah what could be better than a backpacking campout in early spring with hiking and beautiful views of Perry Lake along the way....moral mushrooms!!  

Troop 21 hiked into camp after dark and set up along the backpacking campsite along the Old Military Trail next to Lake Perry.  The night was filled with adventures such as crawling over downed trees and jumping over streams but the troop finally made it to the site and pitched the dark (always fun). 

The next morning it was up early for a backpacking meal of spam and bagel sandwiches...yummy. Three older scouts and a Venturer headed off to Topeka for Trainers Edge training to keep their training up to date for their upcoming NYLT Staffing and the rest of the troop worked on camp skills such as pioneering, camp gadgets and tote n' chip training.   Shortly thereafter, Mr. David spotted forest gold...a moral mushroom.  It was on then.  After the scouts completed their morning training, everyone saddled up with daypacks for a hike along the military trail to the west.  Along the way, eyes were peeled looking for wildlife and of course mushrooms.

One after the other, scouts and leaders spotted the delicate morals hidden along the trail.  In the end, the troop collected roughly 75 mushrooms.  Mr. David and designated scout cooks, soaked and prepared them for the evening meal.  Mac-n-Cheese, chicken, and fried moral mushrooms made for a gourmet backpacking meal that evening. 

For those scouts who went light on the bug spray, they collected a few of these too...ticks.  The SPL's tweezers were in high demand for those little nasty buggers looking for a tasty scout snack.  Nothing major and all ticks were removed without much incident.

Springtime in Kansas brings another exciting aspect to camping, spring storms.  With major thunderstorms in the forecast, arrangements were made with nearby Falley Scout Reservation for a storm shelter contingency in case of tornado weather.  The scouts had spotted an old storm/root cellar close to camp and made plans for its use in case of a sudden bad weather emergency.  The troop youth leadership did an excellent job of planning an evacuation plan, buddy checks, and meeting locations for a "just in case scenario".  Gear was prepacked the night before for such a contingency. 

Luckily the weather held out and the troop enjoyed a quick breakfast the following morning and a police call before hiking back to the vehicles for the return trip home.  The weather held out until everyone was safe and sound back at home.  Overall the troop had a fun campout and many lasting  memories. 


Tonie Jones


Troop 21





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