Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Posted on Sunday, October 20, 2013...

Older Scouts Join Crew 21 on COPE Mini Camp at Camp Naish

Camp Naish (Bonner Springs, KS) - Crew 21 and leaders have been preparing for the Camp Naish Mini Camp COPE Course during Octobers Crew meetings by learning knots, coiling ropes, learning about improvised harnesses, etc., in anticipation of the event.  After leaving St. Joseph in a light rain, the Crew arrived at Naish and checked into our assigned campsite (North Meadow 8).  A sweet location right next to the COPE and Climbing towers.  The crew got busy setting up camp and cooking a delicious meal of beef stew to prepare for the forecast chilly night.  The forecast called for a low of 34 degrees but ice on the vehicle windows suggested otherwise.  Breakfast on Saturday was omelets in a bag (eggs, ham, and cheese) and tortillas.  Delicious meal and a great start for a full day of events.

The Crew and three older youth invited from Troop 21 participated in the event.  Adults and one older crew youth served on the Naish Mini Camp Staff.  The morning started off with initiative games and the Five Finger Full Value Contract for all participants then it was off to tackle the low course events. The morning was filled with challenging events that tested the crews problem solving abilities and teamwork.  Teamwork, problem solving, self esteem, communication, planning, etc. were all part of the challenges for the day and the crew did well.  

After a lunch of meatball sub sandwiches, the crew worked through more low challenges culminating in the trust fall event.  A hair raising "trust" initiative designed to challenge a participants fear and rely on his/her fellow crew members abilities.  With some serious hesitation at first, all crew members finished the event with much jubilation and renewed sense of accomplishment.  Now it was time to test each crew members resolve on the high course, a series of challenging events suspended 35+ feet above the ground below.  The Giants Ladder, Caving Ladder, Log walk and Triangles stared the course, followed by the Leap of Faith, Cable Traverse and Pirates Crossing.  The final event was the zip line, a gut wrenching drop from a 30 foot tower while suspected by a cable, through the trees to the end point across a ravine and to the other side where your fellow crew members await with cheers and to help you down from the cable.  

For some, the days events were a refresher and a time to re-test their skills and familiarize themselves on a new course.  For others, the days events were a challenge of their inner resolve. A test of their intestinal fortitude to overcome very real fears.  It wasn't easy, and some may say not all that fun while doing it, terrifying even, but the accomplishments, both personal and as a Crew where nothing short of exemplary.   The courage displayed by their fellow crew members inspired each and every one to test themselves and to accomplish things that only a few short hours before, they thought were impossible.  Smiles, high fives, and cheers were all the rewards they needed for making the hard efforts well worth it!  The crew looks forward with high hopes, a renewed sense of teamwork, and an eye toward our next challenging adventure.  Job well done!


Tonie Jones

Crew 21 Advisor