Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO
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Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Posted on Monday, August 26, 2013...

Troop 21 at Bartle

Oceola, Missouri - In keeping with the Troop habit of checking out other scout camps, Troop 21 loaded up the gear and scouts for a campout at Bartle Scout Reservation in Oceola, MO.  With a nearly three hour drive ahead of us, the scouts and leaders prepared sack dinners for the road and headed to Bartle.  A short nature call near Clinton gave everyone a chance to stretch legs and use the facilities and load up on some snacks for the evening.

The troop was greeted by friendly Campmasters on Friday evening who welcomed us to the camp, provided us with a nice topographical map, pointed out some interesting hiking trails and caves, and provided us with a two way radio for communication with HQ in case we needed any assistance.  Great bunch of guys.

Camp setup went smoothly and we took two campsites for the troop and leaders.  A quick shine of the light revealed the vast amount for spiders who also called our campsite home.  Yikes.  With preset fire rings and a ton of oak wood for the fires, the troop enjoyed and nice peaceful evening under the trees by the campfire.  Half the troop took part in the customary Troop night hike and the scouts and leaders hiked about 4 miles exploring the surrounding area.  A close nighttime deer encounter spiced up the evening hike back to the campsite.

Saturday morning started with a hearty meal of breakfast burritos prepared by scouts working on cooking requirements and a cleanup for those on the duty roster.  The Troop then got busy making improvised shelters to finish up Wilderness Survival Merit badge for those needing to finish this requirement.  Some excellent deadfall and plenty of leaves made for some really nice looking debris shelters.  Excellent work.  The troop got to see our first flying squirrel who seemed interested in our presence. 

Then it was time for a break, the troop loaded up for the one mile drive to Iconium to Scott's Iconium Store or the Ico Store as it's called.  Loaded with Mic-O-Say stuff and general food items, the scouts tested out the Bartle campers favorite treat, the Peach Float (a vanilla ice cream and peach soda delight).  Some not so brave souls went for the "Dirty Float", a chocolate and cola float.  Scouts relaxed with their ice cream floats and watched the dozens of hummingbirds enjoying the feeders within arms reach of our picnic tables.  Very cool.

After lunch back at the campsite, the troop planned to hike over to the Lone Star and Sawmill Camp area and check out Bartle Summer Camp areas.  A hike down to the waterfront area for some swimming was next.  With our Safe Swim Defense kit in hand the scouts walked the swimming area removing obstructions and set buoys for the swim areas,  After buddy teams were formed and safety rules explained, the troop spent an hour or two swimming in Truman Lake.  A shower afterward and the troop was ready to hike the trail to the Mic-o-Say tribal grounds.  After a hike to the bluffs overlooking Truman Lake, the troops tribal members bowed in and visited the Lone Bear Council Ring and SSP while the rest of the troop refilled water bottles and canteens and took a rest outside the white rocks.

A short hike back to Lone Star and a stop at the shower houses for leader showers, the troop set off to return to camp.  A very interesting and unique Mic-o-Say chapel was a must stop along the way for tribal members.

Upon return to the campsite, the troop whipped up a delicious meal of chili-mac for the evening meal in preparation for the night in the debris shelters.  The scouts and leaders learned that ticks love fresh meals at Bartle.  There were more ticks here than any other place we've ever camped. Tons of them.  Bug spray was mandatory. 

Sunday morning was greeted by a quick breakfast of honey buns and the troop was off to check out Truman Dam museum in nearby Warsaw, MO.   Getting there was entertaining thanks to a leaders "new and improved" GPS unit.   Once there, the museum  proved to be informative and offered a great view of the lake and also offered a rustic village behind the park area with handmade log cabins and a general store.  A rustic 1800's one room school house and farm house and barns were also in the village and was very interesting and educational for the Troop.  A quick trip to the base of the dam for some rock skipping and the troop was off to our home away from home in Warsaw, MO.....the Pizza Hut Buffet.  Nothing satisfies a scout and adult leader like an all you can eat pizza and salad buffet after a long campout.   The local folk kept an watchful eye on the troop wolfing down tons of pizza. This was our third time raiding the Warsaw pizza buffet in as many years.

A long drive back and suffering the effects of the previous nights chili (windows rolled down), the troop was ready to be home with fond memories and another great camp out under their belt.

Tonie Jones


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