Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Posted on Monday, July 1, 2013...

Troop 21 Rocks 3rd Session Camp Geiger

Camp Geiger, MO - On the hills of Camp Geiger overlooking the majestic Missouri River, Troop 21 of St. Joseph, MO, spent another successful week of camp.  Fun, advancement, competition, and botherhood was the name of the game.  Tons of merit badges earned, memories for a lifetime and old fashioned Troop 21 spirit helped power the Troop through another successful week during 3rd Session 2013.

During the weeks events, T-21 worked hard and did well in the daily inspections and our flag flew high over camp as a symbol of our hard work and dedication to the principles of scouting.  The troop did an excellent job of working together as a team during daily troop details, competitions, inspections, and keeping each other motivated and focused.

During the evening Geiger 60 Physical Fitness competition, troop scouts and leaders gave it their all to win one for the troop.  Our scouts met the challenge and went for the mile swim on those early mornings and cold water practice swims.

Results of our week at camp:

- Ten (10) members of Troop 21 participated and were awarded the BSA Mile Swim Award . A record for a   single troop.

- Four (4) Camp records set or tied during the Geiger 60 Physical Challenge by Troop 21 scouts and leaders.

- The only two (2) scouts to complete and be certified as BSA Lifeguards at camp were from Troop 21.

- All Troop 21 leaders earning the Scoutmaster Merit Badge Award. 

- The best of the session awards in Metalworking and Pottery were from Troop 21.

- Winner of the 3rd Session Sharpest Dressed Unit - Troop 21

- Winner of the 3rd Session Cleanest Campsite Inspection - Troop 21

- Overall Winner and Best Troop (Spirit Stick Award) for 3rd Session) you guessed it.....TROOP 21

With fond memories to fuel us the rest of the year, Troop 21 scouts and leaders look forward to many adventures ahead and an eye for Summer Camp 2014.


Tonie Jones


Troop 21