Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO
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Troop 21 - St Joseph, MO

Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013...

Troop 21 Takes Honors at Robidoux Spring Camporee

Savannah, Missouri (Duncan Park) - Motivated scouts of Troop 21 packed up and headed to the Robidoux District Spring Camporee in Savannah, Missouri on a cold Friday evening with high expectations for a great weekend of competition, fun, and adventure.  With medieval themed events and displays, Troop 21 took part in the many demonstrations on hand, viewed sword battles, and iron working, and enjoyed the many opportunities to learn a little about each static display station.  Saturday morning began with an opening ceremony followed by a fishing merit badge class for some scouts and morning competitions for the rest of the troop.  The Dragon and No Name Patrol combined efforts competing as the (Eagle/Dragon patrol) and the Moose/Frog Patrol combined their patrols and competed as the Phoenix/Frog Patrol.  The scouts stayed busy competing in a wide variety of events such as Tug-O-War, Jousting, Archery, Bridge Building, Catapult lashing, Fire Building, First Aid, Tomahawk Throwing, Compass Skills, etc.  In Addition to individual patrol events, the Troop competed in Uniform, Patrol Flag and Campsite Inspection competitions. 

The afternoon provided time to relax and view displays, get some "dog tags' made provided by the US Army Recruiting Command, work on Leather working Merit badge, or just hang out with friends back at the troop campsite.  Scouts talked about the days events and tried to stay warm around the fire with the days cold blustery weather blowing through camp.

After a long day of hard work and a delicious meal of pork sandwiches and fixins prepared by the hosting troop, the scouts of Troop 21 were ready to see how they fared in the days events.   Patrols of Troop 21 took 3rd place and 2nd Place in Catapult lashing event,  2nd Place in First Aid event and 1st Place in Bridge Building event.  The troop took 1st  place in the Patrol Flag Competition 1st Place in Uniform Inspection, 1st Place in  Campsite Inspection and for the overall Camporee Standing after all points were totaled, (drum-roll please)...Troop 21 took 1st Place for overall Best Troop of the 2013 Robidoux District Spring Camporee. Three ribbons and five 1st Place trophies for the awards cabinet.

With much appreciation for the hard work done by the sponsoring troop setting up this years event, and heads held high for accomplishments earned, Troop 21 bid farewell to their brother troops and set their sites on their next months Omaha Wildlife Campout with a overnight at Camp Cornhusker in Nebraska.

Tonie Jones


Troop 21

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