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Online Boy Scout Leader Fast Start Training

This is the first step to take for any volunteer new to Boy Scouting. This course should be taken before beginning youth activities. You'll learn the aims and purposes of the Boy Scouts of America's core program, then zero in on the job. You'll cover the seven parts of the troop meeting, the troop committee, outdoor program, and other basic concepts of Scouting, all in one short online experience. It's the best way for someone new to the program to quickly grasp how troop Scouting works and where additional resources can be found.

This program typically takes no more than an hour to complete. Those taking it for credit in local council records must provide their official BSA registration number as part of the user profile.

The training is divided into five sections:

  • The Troop Meeting
  • The Troop Committee
  • The Outdoor Program
  • Basic Concepts of Scouting
  • The Scout Uniform


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