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Online Aquatics Safety Training

This is the entertaining but effective online introduction to two major BSA safety training units: Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat. In the first unit, we'll cover the eight crucial defenses for safe waterfront activity in Scouting (supervision, fitness, safe area, lifeguards, lookouts, ability grouping, buddy system, and discipline). Before a BSA group may engage in swimming activities of any kind, a minimum of one adult leader must complete Safe Swim Defense training, have a commitment card with them, and agree to use the eight defenses in this plan.

In the second section, we review the boating safety unit, Safety Afloat, and cover the nine defenses for safe boating activity. Please note that review of either or both of these units online is considered helpful but does not meet all the BSA qualifications for conducting water-related programs. For more, and before conducting any waterfront or boating activities, contact your local council.

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Credit For The Training
The present version of this online training does not report back to the council or update your training records to indicate you have completed the training. To receive credit, you must print out the certificate at the conclusion of the course and submit it to the Council Service Center. A reporting feature, similar to that of the Youth Protection training, may be added in a future version.

How Long Does It Take?
Give yourself adequate time to complete both courses, which take about 30-45 minutes apiece depending on your internet connection and reading speed. There are sound effects and brief speaking parts where sound and speakers would be nice to have, but they are not required to complete the course.

What Does the Training Cover?
The training courses cover all of the necessary information to be certified in Safe Swim Defense and also Safey Afloat course. The training itself covers numerous interative activities and scenarios to respond to.

After I've Completed the Training, Then What?
Before you are finished with the course, you will be required to take a test to prove your knowlege. Once you have completed this test fill in the blanks on the final screen and click "Print Certificate" and a certificate showing that you have completed the course will be sent to your printer. This is your proof of taking the course. To receive credit, take the submit this to the Council Service Center.

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