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Siemens Named Chieftan

Tribal history gained a new chapter Saturday, May 30 when Ken Siemens was named Chieftain Least Short Arrow during ceremonies at the Tribal Feast.  Siemens joins his grandfather, Eric - Chieftain Short Arrow and his father,Bob - Chieftain Little Short Arrow in service to the tribe as a member of the Council of Chieftains.  This is the first time three generations of tribesmen have been selected to serve as Chieftain..  Chieftain Least Short Arrow spoke emotionally about his father and grandfather and pledged to do his best to live up to their expectations and to do the best job he could.  Siemens, a well known attorney in St. Joseph is an Eagle Scout, former council president (2006-2008), former council legal advisor, softball and baseball coach to his children and is currently registered with Troop 60 in Savannah.  Eric Siemens - Chieftain Short Arrow, was the first Chieftain of the tribe.  Only two other families can boast more than one chieftain: James Hower - Chieftain Strong Bull and Jim Hower - Chieftain Little Strong Bull; and Jack Hodgin - Chieftain Venison Hunter and Scott Hodgin - Chieftain Little Venison Hunter.  All tribesmen congratulate Ken Siemens - Chieftain Least Short Arrow. 

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