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A total of 117 Cub Scouts and 77 Boy Scouts have sold at least $600 of popcorn, and will earn a $17 credit towards Cub Resident Camp, $18 towards Webelos Weekend, or $50 towards Camp Geiger Summer Camp. This credit, combined with the Commission earned from selling popcorn, will pay for each of these Scouts’ camps this summer. Some notable examples of Boy Scout Troops taking advantage of the Camp Discount by having at least 5 boys qualify were Troop 60, Troop 31, Troop 121, Troop 190, Troop 407, and Troop 75.


In addition, 154 Scouts filled up 222 Full Sheets, and earned 2 Royals tickets per filled up sheet. The following Scouts won the weekly fill-it-up drawings:


  • Austin W. from Troop 121 in Chillicothe won the Week 1 Tent
  • Blake G. from Pack 10 in St. Joseph won the Week 2 Bike
  • Jaydin B. from Pack 81 in Oregon won the Week 3 Basketball Goal
  • Alex G. from Pack 208 in Cameron won the Week 4 Basketball Arcade Game
  • Chad W. from Troop 190 in Conception Junction son the Week 5 Playstation 3


Here is a list of all of the Scouts who sold at least $2,500 and qualified for the Trails End Scholarship and Top 5 Seller Gift Cards:




$$ Sales



1.Dalton M. ($200 Visa Gift Card)


Troop 190



2. William R. ($100 Visa Gift Card)


Pack 71



3. Gabriel L. ($75 Visa Gift Card)


Pack 117



4. Creek J. ($50 Visa Gift Card)


Pack 714



5. Logan W. ($25 Visa Gift Card)


Troop 190



6. Jaydin B.


Pack 81



7. Jacob C.


Pack 406



8. PJ M.


Troop 60



9. Nicholaus E.


Pack 208



10. Austin W.


Troop 121



11. Garret J.


Troop 60



12. Wyatt B.


Pack 155



13. John C.


Troop 190



14. Kaleb C.


Troop 190




The following Units helped set the pace by selling more than $10,000 of Popcorn:


1)     Pack 117 Kanza (Hiawatha)- $23,443

2)     Troop 60 Robidoux (Savannah)- $22,159

3)     Pack 23 Mah-has-kah (Trenton)- $21,740

4)     Pack 120 Mah-has-kah (Chillicothe)- $18,159

5)     Troop 190 Otoe (Conception)- $16,209

6)     Pack 208 Crossed Arrows (Cameron)- $12,584

7)     Pack 10 Robidoux (St. Joseph)- $11,753

8)     Pack 59 Otoe (Rock Port)- $10,215


John Hutchison, the Troop 60 Popcorn Kernel, had this to say after the sale:  “When I first became popcorn kernel I did not realize what an important position this is, or how it is not a one man job, but found out very quickly. You are responsible for getting the boys and the parents interested and explain how important popcorn sales are, not only to them but also to the council. My goal has never been to be top seller or to beat any other troop but has always been to encourage each scout that wanted to go to Geiger to sell enough popcorn to be able to pay his own way. When the council offered the $50 off camp fees I found this to be a great tool for the boys and their parents. I found it important to the new boys that were crossing over into our troop to explain to them and their parents how we did the popcorn sales and what popcorn sales could do for them. Starting in May, I began talking to the boys and parents about the upcoming popcorn sales and at the June Court of Honor going in depth about paying for Geiger and also about the $2500 scholarship. I believe this really paid off this year, as we had 20 boys pay their way to camp out of 29 selling, and of those 20, 6 sold over a $1000, and of those, 2 sold over $2500 earning the scholarship. Both of these were 1st year scouts. I am very proud of all of our boys and their parents for doing such a great job! I know that I have made a difference for the boys and for Troop 60 by helping put our troop on the popcorn map! I also could not have done this without my wife's help.”

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