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Camp Geiger Long-Term Plan-“DRAFT”


Work to Date – March, 2011



Planning Assumptions


  • Two years ago we hit a 40-year high in the number of campers at Geiger. This past year we beat that record by over 100 campers. We are growing our out-of-Council campers and bringing in more big Troops. Once a Troop comes to Geiger, we usually keep them.
  • When the Chief Scout Executive (CSE) was here over the summer he said camps are bringing down many Councils. A summary of his remarks were that camps are growing and becoming regional, or shrinking.
  • In addition, some camps are starting to specialize such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, themed camps, or in our case shooting sports and Mic-O-Say.
  • It is our belief that camps who have dynamic programming and unusual attributes will thrive, and those that have the same offerings as 20 years ago will begin to die. We are seeing that now with the Troops that are moving to Camp Geiger.
  • With that, we need a plan for growth. For Camp Geiger - Go big or go home.

Vision components of the shooting complex

  • Available to be open/booked at any time, by appointment.
  • Focused on corporate events
  • Goal is to become a national center with a celebrity event
  • Will do the required six registered shoots for 2011 as an experiment. Will reassess this at the end of 2011.
  • Maximize the use of the complex for our Scouts at camp.
  • Maximize the use of the complex throughout the year to raise funds to support the Council’s Scouting programs.


Phase I  -  2-3 year Plan

This plan would add a 7th week of camp, which would provide space for an additional 300 youths and 120 leaders. This expansion may need a capital plan to accompany it.


  • Major pool maintenance ($40,000andblasting, caulking, paint, and repair of ladders)
  • Additional equipment/vehicles (mowers, cutters, skid loader).
  • Complete a plan for maintenance equipment upkeep and replacement. We will also explore leasing equipment.
  • Additional full-time Ranger
  • Roads – estimated cost would be $10,000 for roads, plus asphalting the cub mobile road. Continue County oil/chat project.
  • Explore acquiring additional property (Speck on inside of entrance road)
  • Bring Kickapoo and Short Arrow campsites. This will also help with the big Troops.
  • Finish all of Capital Campaign 2010 components including the COPE pavilion.
  • Put fence around the maintenance shed area
  • Create a good map of property for planning purposes
  • Create a total master site plan for PEC properties, not just Camp Geiger.
  • Explore creating a lake from the quarry property
  • Make a decision on creating a year-around National scout/MOS store.


Phase II – 5-10 years

  • Dining hall expansion (currently can hold 400) through Dave Cornell
  • Additional campsites. After Kickapoo and Short Arrow, Ken has a plan for where the next two sites will be locate.
  • Themed campsites. If we do this, it may eliminate the need for one of the two campsites in the bullet point above. Also, it would allow for winter camping.
  • We will need at least one more shower house. Ideally, this will be located to where it also becomes the restroom for one or more campsites.
  • Also need to have basements for future shower buildings to allow for tornado protection.
  • This phase is capital intensive and raises the question of how big we want to be. Adding an eighth week of camp would provide capacity, but would disrupt Cub camping.

Goals for Camp Geiger – Intermediate Term, 10-20 years

  • Capacity of the camp moves to 3,500 youths (200 additional youths per session times 7 sessions, plus the current capacity)
  • Expand dining hall to approximately 1,000
  • Additional campsites
  • Infrastructure upgraded (water, electrical, and to have our own sewage system)
  • Flush toilets
  • Additional parking lots (Speck property?)
  • Additional staff housing
  • Tornado shelter (ideally each time we add campsite flush toilets we would add a basement-type structure as storm shelters
  • Well-graveled roads
  • Bigger pool or second pool. Ideally a water park.
  • Cub mobile road paved
  • Themed camp sites
  • More headquarters/first aid space
  • Better ingress and egress to help with traffic flow into the camp
  • Additional storage and maintenance space
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Additional full-time staffing (assistant Ranger, etc.)
  • Program areas
  • Close in trading post breezeway for additional space
  • Stairstep campaign plan (the above items queued in based on the number of campers)


Next Steps

  • Bring to board for vetting/review, and put on website, restricted to the board.
  • Bring a progress report to the board each quarter
  • Begin work on Phase I items
  • Bring Dave Cornell in to create a master plan to the camp

Current Needs

  • Need a Captain to lead archery, COPE, and shooting.
  • Someone to promote corporate events and work on a celebrity event
  • Plan for archery and COPE, much like this plan
  • Someone to lead the PEC shoot
  • Training of volunteers
  • Youth programing
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