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Congratulations to the newest, and third in the Siemens family to be named to the high honor of Chieftan of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.  Ken,  now the third Siemens family member to be named Chieftan continues a long line of those whose service to the boys is an example of the true meaning of Scouting.
The following article appears in the St. Joseph News Press on Thursday, June 4, 2009. The online article may be accessed HEREExternal Link.
No such thing as too many chiefs for Siemens family
by Marshall WhiteExternal Link
Thursday, June 4, 2009

Boy Scouts and Scout leaders who participate in the Pony Express Council’s tribe of Mic-O-Say, an honor society, met their newest chieftain last weekend.

Saturday night’s gathering was an annual affair where Scouts who have completed projects and other requirements can be promoted to higher ranks within the honor society.

“I certainly didn’t know this would happen,” said Ken Siemens, a local attorney and the newest chieftain in the tribe. “The Chieftans were always larger than life to me. And I have a lot of memories concerning my grandfather, father and Camp Geiger.”

Mr. Siemens’ grandfather, Eric Siemens, became the first chieftain in 1949 and his father, Robert Siemens, became a chieftain in 1980.

“This is the first time we have had three chiefs from the same family,” said Clark Hampton, another chieftain and longtime Scout supporter.

The council elects one new chieftain every year, said Ken Baker, the presiding chieftain who handles all the ceremonial duties. Today, there are 25 living members, of whom about 20 are active, said Mr. Baker, who is an agent for American Family Insurance.

About 380 people were on hand for Saturday’s powwow at Camp Geiger.

Alan Franks, the local Scout program’s new executive, will be studying the tribe’s history and current activities this summer in preparation for a ceremony at the end of the camping season. The tribe will gather in August for a powwow and ceremonies that will make Mr. Franks chief of the Mic-O-Say tribe.

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