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Change in Social Security Number Entry during Internet Rechartering Due to Privacy Concerns

This fall, in time for the next charter renewal cycle, all Social Security Number (SSN) entry fields and references will be removed from Internet Rechartering and will be replaced with the display of an informational text message as follows: “**Social Security Number is required and will be entered by your council from the adult application.”


The local council will assume the responsibility for entering SSNs for new adult leader applicants once the renewal has been submitted through Internet Rechartering, and the required paperwork has been received at the council office. The current Charter Renewal posting process in local councils does not allow an adult leader registration to be posted without a valid SSN, so this implementation will not compromise or change the current SSN requirement or validation.

Support documentation for Internet Rechartering will be revised so that the Help document and Tutorial will be changed to explain this change.


The following is a sample of where the new text message box will display in Internet Rechartering:



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