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Thanks everyone for attending and helping out at HHD 2010!!!  We were able to get a few things done under the watchful eye of our camp ranger John Clawson.




Everyone pitched in and completed a few projects.  Kicking off the get ready for camp season!!

This year we finished off the latrine for campsite Navajo.  Yes it is a long walk to get there, but they will have a nice new privies to use.

Propane bins built at the pool and dinning hall.  Hmm do we have a heated pool?  Not sure about that.

Built a few picnic tables, 10 I believe.  Guess what, they are going to take 4 of them apart again.  Don't worry, they are taking them to Jamboree and will be bringing them back.

12 new tent platforms, I wonder if they went to Navajo along with the new tent frames.  Navajo is looking up if you ask me getting all this new stuff, only if they would include a ride to and from the dining hall would be wonderful.

Last but not least work was done on the shooting range latrine.


Bashful or not we would like to recognize all that attended and helped out!!!

Steve Liechti            Larry Grantham          Henry Ellsworth           Dustin Jeffers          Brad Derr
Steve Maize             John Holland              Ken Baker                  Norman Tiedt           Jeff Janssen
Gary D Combs         Matt Young               Don Carrick                Marvin Atkins           Fred J. Mercer
Greg Clevenger         Norman W Chipps      Dog Sexton                Bob Schilling           Scott Babb
John  Rupert             Jeff Bardford              Gary Highfill                Raymond  Wright     Loren Hein
Paul Hein                 Eric Walker               Brad Walker                John Mackey           Charles Donelson
Jim Lowe                  Bill Kellin                  Marc Locas                 Al Boyer                  Richard Nigh
Lee Ray Sickman      Andy Trout                Larry Means               Glen Maughmer        Elissa Haddock
Tim Brammeler          Tyron Byrd                Randle Godsey           Fields                      Alan Franks
Brian Davidson           Seth Eular                Paul Laubersheimer     Billy Riley 


Just remember, come out work hard, and make it better for the scouts and you will always be fed by the best!!!  Thanks for pitching in and helping!!!

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