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. . . 98, 99, 100


Those into collecting things know to accumulate 100 of anything can be a considerable feat.  When it comes to earning merit badges, collecting/earning 100 of these small circular badges is an achievement attained by only a handful of Scouts.

Recently in the Pony Express Council, Eagle Scout Zach Kerns received his 100th merit badge at the December 2008 Troop 60 (Savannah) Court of Honor.  Zach’s 100th merit badge happened to be Drafting.  The first merit badge he earned was Reading, which shouldn’t be a surprise to those of you that know him.  Along the way there have been a number of merit badges Zach has especially enjoyed, two of Zach’s favorites were Music and Journalism.  Again, this shouldn’t be a surprise since Zach has been playing the guitar (and other musical instruments) for at least 10 years and Zach has enrolled in the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia for the fall 2009 semester.  Zach is also particularly fond of Environmental Science, a merit badge he taught at Camp Geiger in 2007 and will instruct again during the summer of 2009.  Not content to stay at 100 merit badges, Zach is currently working on number 101, Engineering.  It is likely he will have to be happy with 101 merit badges.  Zach’s eighteenth birthday is rapidly approaching which will officially end his seven year merit badge quest.  In case you are curious about fitting 100 merit badges on a sash, it completely fills the front and halfway up the back of a sash.

Currently there are a total of 121 merit badges available in the Boy Scouting program.  A total of 21 merit badges are required of a Scout to attain the Eagle Scout Award, including 12 “Eagle-required” merit badges.  The Boy Scout merit badge program “provides opportunities for youth to explore more than 120 fields of skill and knowledge . . . providing a young man with invaluable career, physical, and interpersonal skills.”

Our congratulations go out to Zach, and his family.

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