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Order of Arrow Implementation



Dear Scoutmaster and Committee Chairman,                                                      12/29/17

Beginning in 2018, in addition to the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, scouts in the Pony Express Council may become members of the Order of the Arrow, BSA's National Honor Camping Society. Order of the Arrow is an optional program for those Scouts who wish to participate. The Pony Express Council executive board has approved Ken Paden to serve as the first annual Order of the Arrow Lodge Advisor to get this program started.

To be eligible for membership in the Order of the Arrow a Scout must: be a registered member of the BSA; be under the age of 21; be a First Class or higher rank; have experienced 15 nights camping which include one 5-night long term camping approved by the BSA, 10 nights must be overnight, weekend or other short term of 3 nights each; have approval of the Scoutmaster; be elected by youth members of the troop.

If you wish to have your Scouts participate, you will need to schedule a unit election between February 1 — March 20, 2018. Please inform the Council Office of the date you wish to hold a unit election, so we can arrange for an Order of the Arrow team to attend your troop for a pre-election briefing followed by the election that night. Please note that the pre-election briefing and the actual election occurs at your regularly scheduled troop meeting.

Following the troop election process, an official announcement of the Scouts elected or "call out" should occur at your next troop meeting. At that time, you can formal letter of congratulations and information about the Ordeal weekend to be held at the YMCA Camp Marvin Hillyard April 6-7, 2018. Cost for the weekend is $40.00 which includes food, Order of the Arrow sash, handbook, and annual dues. It is at this weekend overnight Ordeal event where the elected Scouts become official Ordeal members in the Order of the Arrow.

It is important to remind your scouts that membership in the Order of the Arrow is NOT required for membership in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say; nor does being a tribesman automatically make you a member of the Order of the Arrow.

Why not recognize your eligible scouts in both programs?

Again, please review this with your troop and let the Scout Executive, Alan Franks, know a date in February — March when your troop would schedule the election.

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