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‘Are You Tougher?’: Seven days and countingExternal Link

The premiere of Are You Tougher Than a Boy Scout? is close enough we can taste it.

In fact, it's close enough that we can now set our DVRs to record the six-episode series, which debuts at 8 p.m./7 p.m. Central on Monday (March 4).

Here's what you need to know:

"Are You tougher than a boy Scout?"

  • Tune-in details: The show airs at 8 p.m. (7 p.m. Central) every Monday night, beginning March 4. It's on the National Geographic ChannelExternal Link, available in 83 million U.S. homes. Find the channel number in your program guide.
  • Episode 1: Here's NatGeo's description for the premiere, titled "Man vs. Scout":
    • The Scouts are up against three tough competitors: Gregg who is competing to honor his father; Howard, who as a kid, was told that he couldn't be a Scout; and Stev, who was kicked out of Scouts at age 7. Their skills are put to the test in a relay. The challenge takes a dangerous turn and the Scouts have to make a tough decision. What's important, speed or safety? When the last man makes it to the finals, he faces a bow and arrow ace in archery and must prove he's Tougher Than a Boy Scout.