Kanza Commissioner Staff

Jeff Murphy

Assistant District Commissioner, Unit commissioner
Contact Information

I was a cub scout, boy scout, and an explorer, all in 141, of Elwood, Kansas.  I have served as Den Leader, Webeloes Den Leader, Cubmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor, and Unit Commissioner.  I am an Honorary Warrior in the Tribe of Micosay.  I am a Veteran of the USAF. I have a BS from the University of KC.   I have several training awards, God and Country, and a James West Fellowship Award.     I have served as the Assistant District Commissioner East, and as the Robidoux District Commissioner.  I am currently registered as the Assistant District Commissioner South in the Robidoux District, and as Assistant District Commissioner Kanza District. I am also a member of the Robidoux District Committee.