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Relationships Committee

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Relationships Committee


Mission:  It is the mission of the Relationships Committee to establish, maintain and strengthen relationships with National Organizations (religious, educational, civic, service, fraternal, labor, and military) in order that they might encourage their local affiliates to organize scouting units.


In additional the committee’s aim is to (1) promote the Scouting Programs to all these organizations in the community (2) promote the religious emblems program, the George Meany Award, and other recognitions related to specific Chartered Organizations (3) Create meaningful communications with and provide a scouting presence at both council wide and city wide events of Chartered Organizations such as exhibits, speakers, etc. (4) Promote the Duty to God Program at Camp Geiger (5) Promote Scout Sunday Activities, and (6) Promote better relationships through mailings and newsletters, e-mail, press releases, newspaper articles, and other forms of media.


Relationships Committee meeting dates and times


The Relationships Committee meets the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Scout Service Center in St. Joseph.


Camp Geiger Duty to God Program


Scouts and leaders may earn Duty to God Patches at Camp Geiger by participation in various religious activities at summer camp.  See the 2009 Camp Geiger Program Manual for details of the program.



 *PRAY: Program of Religious Activities with Youth


Program of Religious Activities with YouthExternal Link


PRAY's new address as of January 1, 2009 will be 11123 S Towne Square Ste. B, St. Louis, Mo. 63123-7816.  The Toll Free number is 1-800-933-7729. They produce a quarterly Boy Scout News Bulletin, produce lists of God and Country recipients quarterly for each Boy Scout Council, and produce several publications.  Religious Emblems Awards for many faiths may be order from this publisher also.




Training Opportunities in Relationships:


 Philmont Training CenterExternal Link




Scouting Programs and Ministries

 in Specific Organizations:


National Catholic Committee on ScoutingExternal Link


National Association of United Methodist ScoutersExternal Link 


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Write or call:

LDS Relationships

36 South State Street, Suite 1175

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111-1401



Community of ChristExternal Link 


 Christian (Disciples of Christ)External Link


Members of Churches of Christ for Scouting External Link


National Jewish Committee on ScoutingExternal Link


 National Association of Presbyterian Scouters External Link


Scouting for Lutheran YouthExternal Link




*See PRAY or the Relationships page at the National Boy Scout Home Page for many additional Churches and Organization’s Religious Emblems and Scouting Programs.

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