Dale Werts

Vice President Finance
Contact Information
I am a business lawyer at Lathrop & Gage LLP in Kansas City, and serve as a committee member (training) for Troop 714.  I am also the Vice President-Finance for the Pony Express Council, and serve on the camping, training and facilities committees.  I am heavily involved in the current storm shelter project at Camp Geiger, as Project Manager and liaison with SEMA and FEMA.  My 15 year old son, Noah, is a Life Scout and Micosay Warrior, nearing his Eagle rank.  We live in northern Platte County.  I participated in scouting as a kid, reaching the rank of Life ("lifer") before competing school activites and school sports took over my time (a real regret in my life not finishing!).  Entered Mic-o-Say as a Brave in 1976 at Bartle Reservation!  Warrior Bold Mustang!  And a "good old Buffalo" from Wood Badge course C5-311-11.  I served the Council's National Youth Leadership Training course in 2012 as Quartermaster, 2013 as Assistant Course Director and 2014 as Scoutmaster.