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Camp Master Staff

Campmaster program at Camp Geiger

As you can see, they need volunteers to stay at camp (in HQ) to work as a Commissioner during the weekends while the Ranger is doing his assigned duties or is away from camp.  You are welcome to bring family members with you, and will be the main contact for Scout Units using the facilities during the weekend you're staying there.  Information on the duties required are on the attached document.



Camp Geiger Campmasters

What is a Campmaster

  1. Duties of the Campmaster

    1. Arrival times 5-6PM Friday. to noon Sunday Check out
    2. Check troops in and out with Inspection.
    3. 1-2 Campmasters serve a weekend
    4. They render commissioner type service to the units
    5. Campmasters supply their own food and bedding
    6. Campmasters serve 2-4 times a year
    7. Campmasters submit a report to the ranger of the weekend
    8. Campmasters are responsible to the ranger & Chairman
    9. Campmasters are a contact for Emergencies
    10. Campmasters contact ranger with any problems
    11. Security for the Camp 
  2. Why a Campmaster

    1. So ranger can perform his duties
    2. To help with Council and district activities
    3. For security if the ranger needs to leave camp
  3. Campmaster info

    1. Stay overnight and headquarter at HQ/HL
    2. Bring and wear Scout uniform
    3. Have transportation
    4. Receive keys for duties at camp
    5. Receive forms to be filled out on the weekend
    6. Bring a family member
    7. Have fun
  4. Future of Campmasters

    1. Campmaster hat
    2. Campmaster handbook
    3. Twice a year sign up for weekends
    4. Once a year Thank You Bar-b-que
    5. Provide merit badge and outdoor program for units
    6. Coverage for every weekend of the year
    7. Coverage for anytime the ranger leaves for an extended time


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