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Camp Geiger


Today Camp Geiger offers a wide variety of landscapes to energetic campers. A Scout can explore the more primitive old camp area. Older scouts can take part in a challenging new COPE course or the state of the art shooting sports area. Within the same camp boundaries one can hike the river bluffs and eventually reach a scenic over-look on the highest point in northwest Missouri. Camp Geiger's 2014 program will offer a tremendous variety of activities for Scouts of all ages. The first year Scout camper will certainly want to take part in the Camp Geiger’s special program, designed for the younger and less-experienced camper. He will learn basic Scoutcraft skills that will help him advance through Scouting's junior ranks: Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class.

Camp Geiger provides an extraordinary number of activities each day to keep Scouts involved. Geiger offers one of the widest varieties of programs of any summer camp. The 2014 schedule listed 50 plus different activities. Most Eagle-required badges are offered.  One need only review the listings in the Program Section  to appreciate the great diversity of learning and fun activities promised by this large assortment of badges conducted by a very experienced staff. Older Scouts can challenge themselves to the rigors of COPE, Climbing, Rowing and Canoeing. And of course, there is the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, the honor camper society of Camp Geiger. Mic-O-Say is one of the great success stories of the Scouting program. Mic-O-Say is a society of exceptional Scouts and leaders, so honored because of their character and leadership.


Leaders can come to Camp Geiger confident that their young charges will have an adventure-filled week that will certainly include a generous helping of personal growth. Parents can confidently lend their sons to Camp Geiger, assured that its staff will provide a fun filled memorable experience.

Camp Director

Fellow Scout Leaders,


Last year we served over 1812 boys and over 2400 campers in six weeks. Who knows what this summer will bring. One thing we do know, there will be a lot of Scouts looking for a great camping experience and it is the staff's responsibility to make sure that it happens.

What makes Geiger great? Is it Mic-O-Say, Outdoor Skills, Aquatics, the shooting sports areas, or the COPE tower? Is it the food, clean dining hall, or outstanding trading post? Many other camps have facilities that are as good. All have programs to keeps scouts excited. The difference is the staff. Each member of the staff is very important and the quality of the Geiger Staff is what makes scouts and their leaders want to return. As Leaders you understand how important it is to have an interesting and exciting program for each boy that attends camp. We also need your help in making each session a success. We would like to welcome each of you to Geiger's 2014 camping center. Please have fun and let us know how we have served you and your scouts.

Baden Powell said, "Scouting is a game with a purpose." Well, let the games begin. Remember we are here to serve the boys and have some fun while doing it. If we help one another this will be a great summer!


Yours in Scouting

Tony Sasso


Program Director Aaron Lewis

I’ve been at Camp Geiger for some part of the summer for almost 25 years. My father started staff in 1987 when I was four, so visiting on Wednesday night was a near weekly occurrence. During those early years, I learned all the trails and short-cuts before I was even old enough to attend camp.

I eventually joined the local cub-scouts and just before the summer of 1992, I joined Troop 107. As a frame of reference, for the younger readers, this was the first year the Dining Hall we currently use was opened. Under the leadership of my scoutmaster, Carl Wiles, I continued coming with Troop 107 until I was tapped in the third session of 1996 by Frank Novotny. Now that I was 14, I joined the camp staff in 1997.

That first summer, I worked in Horsemanship under Camp Director Tom Bryon and Program Director Steve Liechti. It was an amazing time and I still have several friends from that year. I had the honor of continuing on staff in Handicraft under various directors such as “Uncle” Lou Prawitz, Mike Gerhardt, John Hesson, Mike Lowe (who helped me achieve my Eagle Scout), Donald Bratton and Don Carrick just to name a few. In the summer of 2001 and 2002, I had the pleasure to be the Area Director for Handicraft.

I have been asked to serve the tribe as Head Firebuilder and Head Tom-tom Beater. I advanced to Keeper of the Sacred Bundle the fourth session of 2002 and was selected as Tapper the very next week. The summer of 2003 was to be my last for several years, as life had finally caught up to me. The Tribe of Micosay means a lot to me and I have always tried to make sure that every person has a better experience than I had. As such, I never completely left, though. I spent every Thursday and Friday night, excepting two, at camp, all summer every year.

My wife, Chrystal, and I raise our three kids in Jamesport, Missouri, where we’ve lived together for 10 years. I graduated from Missouri Western State University in 2009 with a degree in Mathematics Education. My first teaching job came from South Harrison High School in Bethany and it’s where I continue to spend my “off-season.” Finally having a carrier and my wife’s blessing, I came back to staff in the summer of 2010 and back to my old job, A.D. for Handicraft. I also was asked to be Head KSB for four weeks until I was surprised and advanced to Sachem fourth week.

It was this most recent summer where an old dream finally came true. Tony Sasso was selected to be the new Camp Director and he asked me to join him as the Program Director. He and I, along with many other hard working individuals, are working to bring the best program to Camp Geiger. I hope to see you this summer!

Aaron Lewis

Sachem Little Silent Counter

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