The museum’s erected displays all tell a story about our forefathers and their Boy Scout and Mic-O-Say experiences. This story is shared through a collection of pictures, images, documents, memorabilia, clothing, artifacts and narratives.

Captured images and collected artifacts relative to the current summer season, go a long way to build a history for today’s Scouts, Scouters and Tribesmen. Digital photographs are taken to record Scout participation at Camp Geiger in a variety of activities (advancement programs, merit badge classes, dining hall events, campfires, check-in, campsite fun, and much more). These photographs are cataloged by Unit and electronically stored for current display and future retrieval. A system incorporating these photographs will display them throughout the week(s) especially highlighting those “in camp”. These running slide shows will be inviting to campers and visitors as they spend time in the museum particularly Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Media devices are available in the museum to offer Scouts a special learning opportunity for subjects related to the Scouting program. IPads are used and loaded with applications associated with merit badge related content and general Scouting subjects (astronomy, tree identification, mammal and earth science, citizenship subjects, survival tips, and much more). These devices are intended to encourage various camp program staff and campers to visit the museum at scheduled times allowing them the opportunity to use this media to enhance their learning experience.

Television and DVD units are available to display pictures and host a variety of suitably rated movies associated with Scouting and the outdoors. These TV’s are intended to “run” during all operating hours of the museum.

Various interactive programs may be offered throughout each week, especially during Visitor’s might. Museum staff may invite young visitors to partake in small assembly projects as time allows at designated activity stations in the museum. Supplies will be provided as a gift to young visitors (under 11 years old) for the assembly projects such as necklace or bracelet components.

A “Contact Me” box will be installed near the museum main entrance to allow visitors the opportunity to leave their contact information. The purpose is to open a line of communication about their having items that might be donated to the museum. Items might include but not be limited to; photos, memorabilia, Mic-O-Say costumes, etc. The museum staff will regularly check the box contents and pass the notices along to the museum committee.

 A “Museum $ Donation” box will be installed near the museum entrance so that visitors have the opportunity to help fund museum operations. The museum committee chair will arrange for retrieving the donations on a regular basis.