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The all new and awesome COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Encounter) course with the 60’ climbing tower will excite all older scouts. COPE runs from 9 am to noon everyday. All participating Scouts must have reached their 14th birthday by January 1, 2011, or have completed the seventh grade. This thrill-packed week-long encounter will stretch physical abilities and enhance self-esteem as it pushes the Scout to accomplish more than he believes he can. This difficult, yet challenging experience should be reserved for older and more experienced Scouts. They will climb, swing, balance, rappel and think their way through its multiple events. This national program of the BSA was begun by the Pony Express Council in 1979, and has been successful in teaching teamwork, while enhancing self-esteem in hundreds of Scouts. Sturdy, well-constructed athletic shoes, leather work gloves and long pants or jeans are necessary items for each Scout taking COPE. Scouts are required to sign-up on Sunday (5:30 PM) and the activity is limited to 36 participants.

The new course includes an exciting 60’ climbing tower. Climbing merit badge is offered every afternoon form 3 to 5 PM. The same requirements for COPE apply to climbing. The rock faces of this new tower will surely challenge any scout.  Climbing merit badge is limited to 12 participants with sign-ups on Sunday (5:30 PM). Priority is based on age and rank.

Any Scout 13 years of age or older can take part in free rappelling off the new tower. The Rappelling Tower will be open Monday evenings following vespers.The activity lasts for one full hour of hair-raising fun, and Scouts have the opportunity to repeat the activity as many times as they wish – on a space available basis, of course. Scouts who wish to use the rappelling tower must sign up at Camp Headquarters prior to supper Monday. The size of this activity may be limited. Join the countless numbers of young men who have attempted similar feats of bravery and daring on Geiger's own tower of power. Leather gloves for this activity will be provided by Camp.

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