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The physical forms include a Talent Consent section that provides permission to use the individuals picture or interview in promotional materials.

Since the Mic-O-Say program is unique to Camp Geiger, the camping committee and Tribal Council have decided for the protection of our scouts and scouters Runners, Keepers, Tribal Council Members, Chieftains, and other individuals that come most weeks during the camping season need to have a physical on file. These can be turned in at Feast to the Mic-O-Say or the Health Lodge Director. or the first session you are in camp. When you come for your session let the health lodge know that yours is on file. If you are not attending a session of camp you will only need parts and A and B (health history and permission to treat) on file with the Mic-O-Say Director.

Here is a summary of requirements:

1.  An ANNUAL health history and physical examination will be required for ALL Scouts and Leaders. In the past, certain types of activities have permitted the use of a particular physical examination for three consecutive years for some Scouts and Scouters depending on age, type of activity, and other factors. That no longer applies. ALL SECTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED, INCLUDING DOCTORS SIGNATURE AND CONSENT TO TREAT.

2.  The current national form is required of all Scouts and Scouters attending Camp Geiger. It is the only form that will be acceptable.

3.  Camp Geiger does not accept "substitute" forms such as high school athletic form.

4.  Thoughtful pre-planning can avoid additional expense. Scouts who are scheduling Health Maintenance Exams or Sports Qualifying Examinations may wish to have their camp or high adventure physicals conducted concurrently. Most physicians are practitioners are generally willing to complete the additional evaluations required and complete the required BSA form at the time of such visits. Scouts and Scouters are asked to be aware that the new form has several areas that must be completed prior to submitting one's self and the physical exam form to the physician. Insuring that one's personal "paperwork" is completed prior to the visit will keep the additional time required to complete the added paperwork to a minimum. MOST insurance plans cover an annual complete physical. Most do NOT cover sports physicals and camp physicals. If one can incorporate the camp physical into an annual health check-up, additional costs are avoided.


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