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Selecting Merit Badges and Other Activities

We will open the selection process on April 1st.  Selecting the merit badge classes and other activities that your scouts would like to take this summer is quite easy.   A scout must be registered in order for you to select his activities.  Because some classes and activities fill up quickly it is important to register your scouts as soon as possible and then begin this selection process as soon as you can on or after April 1st.

Recommended Sources of Help

The Forms and Other Resources page on our website has a form called “Scouts Individual Schedule”.  It is a good form on which to gather a scout’s preferences and then use as a data input form.  Of course we would recommend you print the “Merit Badges Offered 2014”.  It lists all the times, prerequisites, anticipated costs, etc. for merit badge classes.  Using the Calendar link at the top of the page and navigating to the month and week of your camp and then clicking on “Camp Week #” you will see a page with an “Activity” tab.  You can print the entire list (about 30 pages).  It lists the merit badges in alphabetic order and the other activities in alphabetic order and all th sessions.  Importantly it also lists preparation, required materials, anticipated costs and other information.

The Selection Process

On the [Participant] tab where the scouts are all listed, click on a scout’s name.  In the Options drop down box select Edit Participant Information.  You will see three tabs, General, Options and (beginning April 1st)  Activities.   Click on Activities and locate the first merit badge class or other activity that this scout would like to take and select it.  Be careful to select the proper time period or session. 

A word on periods with capacity limits:  Most time periods have no capacity limits.  As scouts register the number of registrants will be displayed.  The program staff will be able to handle the registrants.

Other time periods have capacity limits and will display the number of registrants.  When full you will have to select another period.

And finally, some classes and activities do have time periods with capacity limits, but do not display the number of registrants because there will have to be some determination based on rank, age, etc.  The prerequisites are stated for these activities.  These activities used to be known as the “Sunday Night Signups”.  If a Scout is interested in this activity and meets the prerequisites go ahead and select the activity for him.  The Program Staff will go through the list of scouts who signed up on Monday before your week of camp and make the determination who will take the course.  They will post a list of the scouts indicating whether they were selected or not on the website.  Your Contingent Contact will be notified by email when it has been posted and can rearrange the schedule of the scouts that did not make the cut before checking-in the next week.  Here is a list of those merit badges and other activities.

Climbing Merit Badge

Metal Work Merit Badge

Rifle Shooting Merit Badge

Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge

3D Archery Activity:  10:00am on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur and Fri and

                                    3:00pm on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur and Fri


Sporting Clays - 5 Stand Shoot: Mon 9:00am, Mon 10:30am, Mon 2:00pm, Mon 3:30pm,

                                                    Tue 9:00am, Tue10:30am, Tue 2:00pm and Tue 3:30pm

Sporting Clays – 4 Station Course Activity:  Wed 9:00am, Wed 2:00pm,

                                                                       Thur 9:00am, Thur 2:00pm,

                                                                        Fri 9:00am and Fri 2:00pm

Below is contact information for questions.  Don’t hesitate to call us.

Janice Sipes                                                                              

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816-233-1351   Office                                                   

816-279-9333  Fax                                                                 

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