Registering Participants (Scouts and Adults)

We will open registration on February 1st.  You may begin registering participants (scouts and adults) at that time.  It is important to register your participants by April 1st for two reasons.    On April 1st we will open the system so you can select activities for the participants and as you know some activities are on a first come basis.  Also if they are registered after April 1st the fee will be more by $15 each.


We are asking that a payment be made on each participant or group of participants that you enter or add.  A quick summary of the process is that you will add a participant or a group of participants into the system; save them to your cart; and then check out.  When you check out you must make a payment.  See below to understand how the “Check Out” process works and affects the registration.

The payment you choose to make when first adding the participant can be the minimum (usually $100), the whole fee or an amount in between.  The balance should be paid by April 1st.  A late fee will be added to each participant showing an unpaid balance after the due date.  Newly crossed over scouts may register as “Scout - New” and pay their fees after April 1st without a late fee.  Now I know what you are thinking, but it is not fair to register that 17 year-old Eagle as a “Scout – New”.

I recommend that as your scouts, their parents or adults pay their fees to your troop, add and register the participants.  Sit down once a week, enter and register participants and process payments.  The system will help you keep track of who has paid how much and each participants’ unpaid balances.

If, for some reason, you are unable to make the payments online you may mail or bring a check to the Council Office and ask that it be credited to your Contingent Account.  The postmark will determine its timeliness.  After it is credited you may then enter the participants into the system and apply the credit balance in the Contingent Account to the participants’ fees.

The Process of Adding a Participant

While logged in to your MyCouncil Account, click on the link at the bottom of this email and, if you have not already done so, bookmark your troops home page on our website.

In the right-hand menu, click on [Registrations] and then click on the link for your week of camp.  The first tab, Contingent, reflects details about your unit (troop) registration.  You can see who the Contingent Contacts are and the credit balance.

Click on the tab, Participants.  To the right look for a link, [add new].  You will be taken through a series of screens (see below) that ask for information about the participant that you are entering.  After entering each participant you will be asked if you wish to “Enter More Items” or “Save Registration(s) to Your Shopping Cart”.  I recommend entering a group of 5-6 participants at a time.  In other words enter a group and only then “Save Registration(s) to your Shopping Cart”.  Once saved you have to “Check Out” before you can do anything else.

The screens appear in This Order

1.  Item – Choice of the registration type.  Scout Full Week, Adult Full Week, Adult Part Time 1 Day, etc.  The full fee is displayed.

2.  Item – Down Payment Available.  How much would you like to pay now?  Choose what you are going to pay on this participant today, the full fee, the minimum (usually $100), or an amount in between. 

3.  Item – Select a participant from your Unit Roster.  If a participant attended Camp Geiger last year he/she has been added to your Unit Roster.  Follow the instructions to select him/her and the rest of the screens will be populated.  You only need change any information that is new.   This will save you time typing in the information for any returning participant.

4.  Item – Information for this Participant.  Name, email address (optional).

5.  Item - Other personal information.  Phone, Address, DOB and Special Needs, if any.

6.  Item – Select or Enter any options.  For scouts: Rank (required), # Years of Summer Camp (required), Scout Office, MOS (required).  Or for adults: Youth Protection date (required), vehicle information, Troop Office, MOS (required).

7.  Item – Credit Balance.  If the troop has a credit balance in its Contingent Account (remember you started off with a $100 credit balance from registering your troop), the system will ask if you wish to apply any of the credit balance to the payment being made for this participant today.

8. Item – Adding to a participant to your Unit Roster.  If the participant you are registering is not already in your Unit Roster you can save him/her to your Unit Roster.

9.  Item – Participant entered.  Next?  This is the screen I referred to above.  Do you want to enter more items or save the registrations you have already entered to your shopping cart and pay for them by checking out.  My reason for recommending entering them in bunches is that if a computer screen drops or you loose an Internet connection you won’t have to re-enter as much information and curse my name.

10.  Click on the link [Click to View Shopping Cart] and follow the instructions to check out.  When you check out you will be offered the choice of paying by credit/debit card or by eCheck.  This is the same procedure as when you registered your troop and paid the $100.  When you check out and pay for the participants they will then be registered and will appear on the Participant tab.  ***Note that the participants will not be registered until you complete the check out process.***  If you did not pay the entire fee, the unpaid balance will be reflected for each participant.

Click on your bookmarked page and enter another group of participants.

Other Information

If the registration work is being split between Contingent Contacts be sure to make the division of work clear so you do not step on each other’s toes.  If the Registration Manager is to be someone who is not listed as a Contingent Contact, please get hold of our office to have that person added.  Finally, here is our contact information and an invitation to call if you have questions.

Janice Sipes                                                              

816-233-1351  Office