Working on Merit Badges at Camp

Leaders and parents, please remember: Camp Geiger’s merit badge activity periods do not guarantee completion of all requirements for any given merit badge. They are intended as activity periods only, and any Scout who wishes to complete a merit badge is responsible for assuring that all requirements have been met and making an appointment with a certified merit badge counselor in order to have his merit badge card signed. Some certified counselors are available in camp. In order to provide adequate merit badge counseling at camp, those leaders who are certified merit badge counselors are asked to make themselves available for counseling during their session at camp. 

The individual Scout's daily schedule is to be negotiated between the Scout and the unit leadership. It is advisable to have an alternative schedule before coming to camp since some activities may be full.

When a Scout feels he has completed all the requirements for a merit badge, he should personally arrange for a merit badge counseling session at camp. If the instructor of an activity is a counselor for that merit badge, he may sign a merit badge card if the Scout has met all of the requirements. A Scout taking the responsibility of making and keeping an appointment with an adult who is an expert in his field is no less important toward the development of a boy’s character than the fulfillment of the merit badge requirements. This contact with a certified merit badge counselor has always been an essential part of a Scout’s experience in earning a merit badge. 

Based on BSA Policy, the scoutmaster signs the merit badge card prior to the scout taking it to the merit badge counselor indicating the scoutmaster’s approval for the scout to take the badge. Camp Geiger follows this practice. Pony Express Council merit badge cards are available from Headquarters. All programs and activities are designed to meet the Aims and Methods of Scouting.

At the conclusion of the week Troop leaders will be provided a progress report for each activity in which their Scouts participated. It is important for Troop leaders to review these document before leaving camp.