The Daily Camp Schedule

6:45 AM First Call

7:00 AM Reveille

7:10 AM Waiters Call

7:20 AM Mess Call

7:30 AM Morning Colors, Breakfast

9:00 AM First Activity Period

10:00 AM Second Activity Period

11:00 AM Third Activity Period

11:15 AM Leaders Meeting

11:50 AM Morning Activities End

12:10 PM Waiters Call

12:20 PM Mess Call

12:30 PM Lunch

1:15 PM Rest Period

2:00 PM Fourth Activity Period

3:00 PM Fifth Activity Period

4:00 PM Sixth Activity Period

5:00 PM Special Activity Period

6:00 PM End of Afternoon Programs

6:10 PM Waiters Call

6:20 PM Mess Call

6:30 PM Evening Colors, Supper**

7:30 PM Various Evening Programs

10:00 PM Call to Quarters

10:15 PM Tattoo

10:30 PM Taps

Scouts and Leaders should be in full field dress uniform for all

evening meals and evening programs.

**Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday supper is served at 6:00 PM 

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