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Boy Scout Summer Camp

at Camp Geiger










If you are a Boy Scout or Scout Leader, we think you should consider Camp Geiger as the place for your summer camp experience. We know it will take little to convince Scout units in the Pony Express Council to come to Camp Geiger.  They have been doing so - willingly and enthusiastically - for years. They know that Camp Geiger always meets or exceeds the expectations of their Scouts, leaders and parents.

If you have already decided to come to Camp Geiger, we welcome you. You won't want to miss out on the fun, adventure and sense of independence and freedom that you will find in the rolling hills of Camp Geiger, situated on the Missouri River bluffs just north of Saint Joseph, Missouri.

One of the unique features of Geiger is flexibility. We have more than 50 program activities that provide Scouts many fun learning opportunities. This flexibility extends to the unit needs in providing the opportunity for their Scouts.

Everything you need for a great Geiger experience can be found on this page.  Click on the below links to find forms, activity schedules, general camp information and much more. Scouts are encouraged to visit this site to help develop their schedule for a great camp week. You are welcome to print out any forms or resources you may find helpful. To print copies only go to the Forms and Resources section and select the forms.

TheBoy Scout Activities Schedule will assist scouts in picking their classes.   Check this page frequently as new features will be added as they are ready.

Units are reserving their spot now for 2018 Boy Scout camp season.  A link at the bottom of this page will direct you to the reservation page.

HINT: As you get ready for camp you may want to get to this page quickly without going through all the steps. Bookmark (add to Favorites) this page and come directly here to get ready for camp. 

Camp Geiger is operated by the Pony Express Council, BSA and is accredited by the Central Region, BSA. The Boy Scout Resident Camp is Authorized to Operate for the maximum time allowed (5 Years) by the Central Region. 




To reserve space for a unit click here. To contact the Pony Express Council click here.