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COPE Goals

The COPE program is designed to enhance the Scouting experience and to promote Scouting values and objectives among its participants with fun and challenging activities.  While each COPE course is unique and each person who experiences it has individual objectives, the COPE program emphasizes eight major goals.


COPE encourages communication among individuals in the group to help achieve goals.  The challenges presented by the COPE experience often provide opportunities to sharpen communication skills and adapt communication to fit unusual situations.


COPE participants are encouraged to consider and/or develop goals for each activity and options for achieving those goals.  The group then utilizes its collective knowledge and skills to design and carry out a course of action.  Non-traditional solutions that are “outside the box” may be appropriate.


The COPE experience makes it clear that each individual can accomplish more as a member of a team than by going it alone.  The sense of belonging to the group is one of the most powerful potential outcomes from participating in COPE.


Participants completing difficult tasks on a COPE course often develop trust in themselves and their team.  For some, trust comes easily, and for others, extending trust and letting go of control is more difficult.


Some individuals are naturally gifted with leadership qualities while others have to develop those qualities.  Participants who may not normally take a leadership role will have opportunities to take on more responsibility and leadership.  Similarly, those who easily take charge will have opportunities to learn when it may be appropriate to step back and follow someone else’s lead.

Decision Making

COPE encourages groups to make decisions by developing one or more solutions to a problem.  Group members consider the available resources and alternatives, evaluate the probable results, and adjust their plans accordingly.

Problem Solving

COPE challenges groups and individuals to develop solutions to interesting problems.  Participants can then test their solutions and evaluate the results as they process the experience with the help of a trained facilitator.


Participation in the COPE program provides opportunities for individuals and groups to develop confidence in their ability to meet challenges. The COPE program, like other outdoor programs of the Boy Scouts of America, provides opportunities to develop self-esteem in a safe and positive environment.

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