Do you enjoy scenic views? Do you enjoy taking in nature? Maybe you have an upcoming Philmont trek coming up and need a good starter hike. The Adventure Quest backpacking program is perfect for all of these things! Participants will learn from instructors who have backpacking experience at Philmont and beyond! Skills instruction will be offered in a number of areas from cooking on the trail to leave no trace to finding a safe water source. The highlight of this program will be an evening under the stars on a scenic trail above the Buffalo River! Participants will take in fantastic views, like the one picture above (where the opening for the Disney classic Tuck Everlasting was filmed). 


Program Features Include:

  • Backpacking cooking/recipes 
  • Leave No Trace Training
  • Back-country Gear overview
  • Packing demonstrations and tips
  • Campsite set-up tips and practice
  • Day hikes at Hobbs State Conservation Area, Lost Valley Trail, and other exciting areas
  • 2-Day overnight night on the Buffalo River Trail 
  • Backpacking first aid instruction
  • Led by 2 staff members with Philmont experience!